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  • Loving You: Set Realistic Goals

    Loving You: Set Realistic Goals

    Rather than striving for an ideal body size, shape, or weight, realistic goals include increasing physical strength, enhancing flexibility, improving endurance, or cultivating better nutrition habits. These goals acknowledge the amazing things our bodies can do rather than reducing them to their appearance.

  • Loving You: Mindfulness and Meditation

    Loving You: Mindfulness and Meditation

    The human body is a remarkable, intricate entity that houses our consciousness, experiences our emotions, and allows us to navigate the world. Despite its undeniable importance, we often treat our bodies as mere vehicles, neglecting the connection between our physical selves and mental well-being. Here’s where mindfulness and meditation come into play – as powerful…

  • Loving You: Stop Comparisons

    Loving You: Stop Comparisons

    Everyone is unique – in personality, experience, and, indeed, in body shape and size. It is this rich tapestry of diversity that makes humanity beautiful. Yet, in a society that often values certain body types over others, it can be challenging not to fall into the trap of comparison. 

  • Loving You: Seek Professional Help

    Loving You: Seek Professional Help

    Navigating the body confidence journey can sometimes feel like a solitary and daunting endeavor, particularly when negative body image thoughts become overwhelming. It’s important to remember that seeking professional help is a valid and often beneficial step in this journey. Therapists and counselors trained in body image issues can provide strategies and tools to help…

  • Loving You: Focus on Ability, not Appearance

    Loving You: Focus on Ability, not Appearance

    Human bodies have an inherent strength and beauty that often gets overlooked. This beauty is not measured by dress size, flawless skin, or perfect symmetry but by the incredible things our bodies allow us to do daily. By shifting our focus from appearance to ability, we can begin to appreciate and celebrate our bodies more…

  • Loving You: Surround Yourself with Positivity

    Loving You: Surround Yourself with Positivity

    Surrounding ourselves with positive influences, particularly those who embrace body positivity, can play an instrumental role in cultivating and maintaining body confidence. Conversely, eliminating negative influences from our lives, both in our physical surroundings and digital spaces like social media, can safeguard our self-esteem and body image.

  • Loving You: Clothing That Fits Well

    Loving You: Clothing That Fits Well

    Think of the last time you put on an outfit that fits just right—when the fabric draped perfectly, the cut flattered your shape, and the style was an authentic expression of your personality. How did you feel? Empowered? Comfortable? Confident? The clothes we wear can play a significant role in how we feel about our…

  • Loving You: Positive Affirmations

    Loving You: Positive Affirmations

    Positive affirmations are positive, empowering statements we say to ourselves to challenge and overcome negative thoughts or self-doubt. They are rooted in positive psychology and can be used to manifest a more positive mindset towards various aspects of our lives, including our bodies.

  • Loving You: Self-Care Rituals

    Loving You: Self-Care Rituals

    Self-care rituals allow us to engage with our bodies in a positive, nurturing manner. Instead of focusing on perceived flaws or areas of dissatisfaction, these practices allow us to treat our bodies with kindness and respect. Whether it’s the simple act of applying lotion with care or the luxuriousness of a spa treatment, these rituals…

  • Loving You: Practice Body Positivity

    Loving You: Practice Body Positivity

    Let’s start our days a little differently. Let’s stand in front of the mirror and give ourselves the recognition we deserve. This small act of kindness towards ourselves can set the stage for a transformative journey toward body positivity.

  • Loving You: Regular Exercise

    Loving You: Regular Exercise

    Consider this as the sun rises or starts to set: put on your favorite workout gear, tie up those sneakers, and get moving. Regular exercise is about more than just maintaining physical health. It can also play a decisive role in boosting body confidence and promoting mental well-being. Whether pushing your limits with high-intensity interval…

  • Loving You: Healthy Eating

    Loving You: Healthy Eating

    The connection between nutrition and body confidence may not be immediately apparent. We often focus on the impact of food on physical health—how it affects weight, heart health, or energy levels. However, food can also influence our mental and emotional state, including how we feel about our bodies.