The Project Pitch

Hello my name is Rain. Yes, like the weather.

I am building The Project.

It will be an online community backed by social psychology research helping people build, make, accomplish, and change the world.

Imagine, if you will, that you want to accomplish a task or learn a new skill or make something incredible – you want to become a programmer. Get a promotion at work. Lose fifteen pounds. Design a bookstore slash cafe slash school for ants. Experiment with the internet of things.

So you start a project. You start The Project. You commit three weeks or six months or a year to THE Project. With the help of an online community of resources, mentors, delegates, designers, makers – people who are also working on their projects – you design and move forward with your project. Along the way, you help others with their projects. And they help others with their projects. And so on.

Until we change the world.

I need devops for front- and back-end development. I need designers to help with the brand. I need investors to pay for hosting and the initial start up costs of design and dev work.


I need a partner in crime, a business partner, a very special individual or individuals to help steer and guide, motivate and fly with me as we start The Project.





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