Three Thankful Things

[Dutch Lock Down Day Two Hundred Eighty Seven]

In the interest of brevity and going to bed within the next seven minutes, three things that I’m oh so totally thankful for in the past year.

Plus the negative is, well, SO much.

So fuck that shit.

But first the news:

The New Job

I knew that I wanted to work within open source and within #DevRel and I knew how much I wanted to be paid, but, if I’m honest, I didn’t think I’d actually get there this year. Especially in light of COVID.

But I did.

I found my forever home at Equinix Metal – I love the team, I love the products, I love the projects, I love the company, I love the culture, and, yes, I love the pay.


I’m doing what I love and I’m not stressing about money.

The Farmer Project

Holy hell, I’ve gotten so much done in so little time – so much knowledge inhaled and so many habits turned into mindless things I do easily on a daily basis.

Like flossing. Yes, I’m forty-four and flossing is JUST NOW FINALLY something I do every day without fail.

And eating healthy. Most of the time.

And knowing what I need to do when I’m particularly low. And what I need every day. And doing it.

And progress.

And SO MUCH knowledge and experience around bare metal and agile and cloud native and kubernetes and DevOps and personal branding and productivity and leadership and communication and compassion and success.

It’s because of all this that I’m not making any new year’s resolutions – because those intentions are already activated. Will ALWAYS BE activated. Will never NOT BE activated. Because perfection is impossible, but progress is divine and I will expand until I reach the ends of the universe.

The Community

I absolutely could NOT have made it through this year – this absolutely shit year – without the support, encouragement, inspiration, and love from my friends and family, near and far, within this beautiful community of Warriors.

Some of you don’t consider yourself a Warrior, but I think you are. You have incredible strength. And sassiness. And humour. And quirkiness. And love.


You wouldn’t be here with me if you were otherwise. That’s how I know you’re a Warrior.

And I’m so thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you.