Tomorrow! Morning! OpenStack! On! Packet!

[Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred Fifty Five]

Two weeks ago I was on vacation and not really doing the technical stream thing except then I had a look over the OpenStack on Packet repository, ended up auditing the entire, making a series of pull request, became an official collaborator on the project and said I’d be running it the following week.

And then it was hot.

But first the news:

So hot, in fact, that I did not one single stream, vlog, or recording for the entire eight day heatwave.




At 0900 GMT!

On Twitch and YouTube and Twitter!! !

And I set up a couple of new visuals for this one. Can you tell I’m excited? Wanna see?

I’m ridiculously proud of that little video.

But back to seriousness.

From the (with a few links added by me):

“Use Terraform to quickly and easily create an OpenStack cloud powered by Armv8 and/or x86 bare metal servers at Packet. Specifically, this deployment showcases how a multi-node cloud can be deployed on Packet bare metal.

This repo supports the Ussuri version of OpenStack.

The deployment defaults to a minimum 3 node OpenStack cloud, consisting of 2 x86 infrastructure nodes and a single x86 compute node.

  • It is possible to modify the total number of nodes and the type (various sizes of x86 and ARM hardware provided by Packet).
  • By default, the template uses third generation Packet hardware.

If you require support, please email, visit the Packet IRC channel (#packethost on freenode), subscribe to the Packet Community Slack channel or post an issue within this repository.

Contributions are welcome to help extend this work!”

No worries if you can’t make it; we’ll publish the recording later tomorrow!

And, if possible, we’ll have a debriefing, a celebration, or a consolation tomorrow night with one of the main contributors on the project!

See you tomorrow!! !



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