Contributing.Today Meetup : Open Source Mental Health

[Dutch Lock Down Day Three Hundred]


At 2000 GMT+1!

Streaming via Contributing.Today!

I’m super chuffed to join a panel at the meetup on mental health in open source with the amazing Tierney Cyren (@bitandbang, he/they), OSS Engineering + Developer Advocacy at Microsoft and the awesome PJ Hagerty (@aspleenic, he/him), founder DevRelate, Senior Developer Advocate Mattermost, initiator – an initiative “to start a conversation about mental health in tech”.

Our kickass moderator is the venerable Floor Drees (@FloorDrees, she/her), Community Advocacy Program Manager at Microsoft.

But first the news: brings together the communities we work with to get them excited about contributing to Open Source software or finds new communities and projects to work on.

One of the ways they do this is by this non-affiliated meetup series in the weeks leading up to FOSDEM 2021 with interviews, panels, presentations, and, of course, all things contributing.

We’ll have one hour and a bit to discuss:

  • Unhealthy communities, safe spaces, imposter syndrome
  • Unable to focus in these times vs expectations
  • Maintainer burnout (but also working from home and in various forms of lockdown – no meetups, how has that affected folks mental health?)
  • What can maintainers do, what can individual community members do (schedule MH talk for your meetup events)?
  • How do you participate non-toxicly in the community, how do you write a respectful/kind Issue or PR?

See you tonight!






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