Dutch Lock Down Day Ninety Five

[See You Next Year!]

StackConf Online was the sixteenth through today. StackConf is about open source infrastructure in the spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud solutions. Bridging the gap between development, testing and operations is one of the fundamental paradigms in modern IT. StackConf covers this concept from multiple perspectives.

But first the news:

Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), the conference organizers decided to turn stackconf 2020 into an online conference. All talks were presented in a single track over the course of three days from June 16 – 18, 2020. 

“How IT experts run their applications and infrastructure in production has a big influence on how they design and build their technology stack. At stackconf you learn how.

Well-known international open source experts present their ideas within our three-day online lecture program. Expect an intensive exchange of experience and inspiring encounters in the live chat with the speakers!

Trendsetting concepts, state-of-the-art technical expertise, top-level discussions and new perspectives in dealing with large infrastructures have shaped the event, formerly known as OSDC, since 2009.

As one of the leading open source infrastructure events in Europe the conference attracts more than 150 visitors per year – and we are very excited to see how many will join us online!”


How could I resist?

In a mere four days, I’ve gone from NO virtual speaking experience to TWO conferences – on Monday I was on a panel and today I talked about Leveraging Procedural Knowledge: From Riding a Bike to Bare Metal Automation.

“On the road to senior engineer, one has to inhale multiple technologies. This often seems like a series of massive obstacles wherein each new technology resembles a new beginning. However, engineers often underestimate the extent to which procedural knowledge from one technology transfers to a new technology. In this talk, I will demonstrate that the process from OpenStack Community Liaison to Tinkerbell Developer Advocate Packet Community Manager was a series of procedural knowledge transfers, wherein the obstacles to learning reduces with each new technology that is learned. I will provide specific examples, from getting started to troubleshooting issues, and conclude with practical recommendations on how to create a coherent plan for transitioning from one technology to another.”


While I wasn’t quite the person who was still shifting slides the night before a talk, I definitely waited until the last minute, but StackConf requested not only the slides, but the full recording, in a fairly specific format via Open Broadcaster Software.

By the end of April.

Despite TOTALLY MISSING THAT DEADLINE, the StackConf organizers worked with me through technical glitches and learning curves to make it work and while I was quite stressed before they confirmed they received my recording, once they had it?

I was totally chill.

Because it meant I had nothing else to prepare for today. It meant I could be on a panel on Monday. It meant I could relax in the days leading up to today’s talk because I wasn’t actually GIVING the talk today, they were going to push play and I was going to be present to answer questions in my own conference provided chat channel during the talk.

The live chat was basically slack style but such that they could embed it directly into their YouTube live stream. And since they had all of the speakers pre-recorded, they could also pop in, LIVE, between talks to keep the energy going.

While this was not a free online event, it was worth every cent of the 99 euro fee. And on the third day, today, they started publishing the unlisted youtube link, https://youtu.be/wWwABPGon5c, so others could sample the end of the conference for free.

Sadly, the recording is not available.


But their website has an extensive archive collection, so those recordings will most likely be available in the upcoming weeks.

If you’re interested in open infrastructure and would like to check out Berlin next summer, save the dates 14-15 June 2021.

I’ll so totally be there, too.



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