Dutch Lock Down Day Ninety Two

[One Down One to Go!]

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

The OpenShift Commons Gathering on Community Development was today. Where users, partners, customers, contributors and upstream project leads come together to collaborate and work together across the OpenShift Cloud Native ecosystem.

But first the news:

Today’s Virtual OpenShift Commons Gathering focused on community development and best practices for driving community engagement and measuring community health!

And it was so totally badass.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

This is the FOURTH virtual event I’ve been directly or indirectly involved in – the FIRST I’ve spoken at – I was thoroughly impressed with the format and execution. Live streamed on youtube, twitch, AND facebook, the format of talk, then AMA panel most efficiently replicated the talk followed by questions feeling of an in person event.

The relaxed flow of shifting the schedule to accommodate technical or scheduling glitches just worked.

And while I only managed to catch Thierry’s talk, which was freaking brilliant, by the by, and, of course, my own panel discussion, the experience set the bar LUDICROUSLY high for virtual events.


Now I want to rewrite my talk for Thursday because the grace and flow and #TruthBombs were SICK!

It’s totally possible in the next forty eight hours, right?


Either way, I discovered something about myself that I was seriously concerned about before tonight. That I love speaking in a virtual setting just as much as I love speaking in person.

This is definitely my happy place.






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