Dutch Lock Down Day One Hundred One

[These Titles Are Getting a Bit Long]

In case you didn’t notice yesterday – we’ve hit the one hundred days of lock down.

And then.


But first the news:

My complaints are all physical now which I TOTALLY LOVE cause for some reason physical complaints are so much EASIER than mental ones.

Or something?

The past two nights have been super stressful so I spent them sleeping and also chewing my tongue so my mouth is PISSED so some of my teeth keep irritating some places on my tongue and after a full day of this bullshit, well, I’m not liking life right now.

And then.

For lunch today I sat in the hanging chair of d00m and in a twenty minute time span my paler than pale legs changed from white to red. But I don’t have insta sunburns, instead I have slow burns, and so I didn’t know why I was super sluggish and miserable this afternoon until just an hour ago when my legs did their best impression of a lobster.

A REALLY BIG lobster.

And only on the top with that mid-thigh sunburn line so it’s SUPER pretty.

And then.

I took a flamenco class today during work for 24 hours for change and my feet and muscles and BONES are VERY confused. It’s been literally twenty-eight YEARS since I took a flamenco class and at first I was self conscious cause I’m wearing shorts and a tee shirt and this is NOT the same body I had at sixteen. Initially I turned off my camera. Then I decided that this 24 hours is specifically dedicated to diversity and inclusion and beauty and culture and acceptance and love.

I turned the camera back on.

These are all just little details that add up to be annoying, but it’ll be okay.

I’ll be okay.

And now we’ve made it to one hundred one days in a new 1.5 metre culture in the Netherlands.




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