Dutch Lock Down Day Seventy Eight

[Wanna Hear About The New Job? #DrumRollPlease]

Photo by Brad Stallcup on Unsplash

I am absolutely over the moon to announce that I’m joining the dreamers, tinkerers, creators, and mad scientists at Packet, an Equinix Company, as a Senior Developer Advocate.

Packet is the leader in automated bare metal focused on making infrastructure a competitive advantage for the world’s leading digital businesses by pairing developer-friendly bare metal with a trusted ecosystem of networks, software, and partners.

Packet helps customers take advantage of Equinix’s unmatched geographic reach in 55+ global markets, 340k+ interconnections between over 1800+ networks, and a neutral approach with automation that creates a trusted, friction-free experience. As part of Equinix, Packet’s mission is to protect, connect, and power the digital world with physical infrastructure that moves at software speed. 

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One of the reasons I’m so enthusiastic about Packet is that they’re just as passionate about open source and cloud as I am. And now I get to dive into edge and container technologies!


And NOW the news:

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Since today is Whit Monday in the Netherlands, the entire country has today off and my official start day is TOMORROW.

ASIDE: MANY thanks to our neighbor (hi, P!) who totally WhatsApp’d me to put out our garbage bin on Saturday morning because our normal garbage day, Monday, is a holiday. We would’ve totally messed that one up. HARSTIKKE BENDANKT!! !

But because today is a holiday, I get one last day of ‘vacation’ before work begins.

So I’m going to work.

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Finalize the new hardware set up. Take a long walk. Work on an upcoming talk. Set up email filters. Lurk on slack. Read documentation. Cause when it’s all optional? And I’ve already vacationed for two weeks? And they gave me access already?

It’s called FUN!!



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